Technology & Networking

Holding a background of more than 6 years of experience working in the technology industry, we have succeeded at establishing commercial relations with the biggest manufacturers/distributors, which benefits the customers because it allows us to offer them solutions that not only fulfill and exceed their requirements but also solutions that are adapted to their budget, allowing them to plan their projects focusing on their goal and not on the Purchasing Management.

Construction and Mining

In MultiSupply we focus on providing trading/business-to-business solutions for projects of Construction (metro stations, bridges, ports, airports, urban development, etc.) and Mining (drilling, extraction, detonation, etc.) We offer procurement and logistics services that are well-known by connecting our customers with the most distinguished manufacturers of the industry. We cover all the clients’ requirements, from raw material to heavy machinery. It is worth pointing out that we guarantee the quality of our products, this is why working with MultiSupply will assure and strengthen your project.



With our company headquarters in the United States and commercial relations with the biggest manufacturers/vehicle brands, we are pleased to offer to our customers solutions that embrace their needs on the automotive industry. Our solutions go from replacement parts to complete vehicles. We guarantee, as we always do in MultiSupply, the best quality.


Our office and principal warehouse are located in the South of Florida (United States), close to the ports that communicate the country with the rest of the world. This positions us in the international market and let our trustable and strong solutions be fast and precise. We count on a solid, honest, and dedicated work team, ready to work with you in order to reach your objectives. We know that being able to get the products, materials, parts, or any required equipment is essential for you to execute your project, that’s why we assume the compromise of accomplishing the due dates agreed with our clients. No matter if client’s requirement is large or small, we have all the necessary tools and machinery to support your logistics.